Community Information

Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is the capital city of the State of Michigan. It is located

in Ingham County with a small portion of the city extending

into Clinton County and Eaton County.

The Lansing Metropolitan area is an important center for

educational, cultural, governmental and high-tech

manufacturing institutions, including three medical schools,

two law schools, a Big Ten Conference University, Michigan

State, the State Capital, the Supreme Court, an appellate

court, a federal court, the Library of Michigan and Historical

Center, and headquarters of four national insurance


General Motors has offices and a hi-tech manufacturing facility

in Lansing and several manufacturing facilities immediately outside the city, as well, in nearby Lansing

and Delta townships. The Lansing area is headquarters to four major national insurance companies:

Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Jackson National Life, the Accident Fund, and Michigan Millers

Insurance Company. The Lansing area is also home to rapidly growing financial companies such as Siena

Capital Management and Capitol Bancorp Limited.

Lansing also has a number of technology companies in the fields of information technology and

Biotechnology. The recent decline of the auto industry in the region has increased the region's awareness

of the importance of engaging a strategy to grow the high-technology sector.